SRM98H – SRM97H – SRM95H

SRM98H – SRM97H                         SRM95H



Modular electrical systems enable alterations to be made to the configuration (e.g. passing 4 to 6 to 8 columns or creating two sets of 4 columns by splitting a set of 8 columns).

• Electro-hydraulic operating lifts • Equipped with safety

• Equipped with safety valve to prevent overloading and in case of hydraulic
pipe fracture

• Self-controlled lowering speed • Mechanical safety

• Mechanical safety latches with automatic engagement and hydraulic release ensuring maximum safety when the lift is in a parking position.

Possibility of setting a different height between pairs of columns while retaining the level synchronization.

• The Large and solid base for maximum stability under load with self-supporting transportation steel wheels.

• The version on demand featuring adjustable forks for wheels from 500 to 1200 mm in diameter.

• Mechanical and electrical safety devices comply with European Safety Regulations.

• Thermal protection against overload of motors.

• Emergency stop button

• Emergency stop button with self-retainer on all columns.

The main control panel of the main column


featuring all controls.
Secondary control panel, featuring lifting and lowering controls and emergency stop button.




The electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns (PLC programmable controller with the self-diagnostic system) should the maximum permitted difference in level be exceeded between the carriages. Safety stop
in a case of malfunction.

• Selection of several operating modes possible on the master control box: – Simultaneous operation of all

– Simultaneous operation of all columns.
– Simultaneous operation of one or more pairs of columns.
– Single operation of each column.

• Low voltage controls (24 V) on all columns with dead-man push buttons and safety interlock in a case of interference in the activated control.

• Electronic device selects automatically the correct main supply phase sequence. • Warning light when the lift is in

• Warning light when the lift is in parking position






Simultaneous operation of all columns. Electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns. Safety stop in case of malfunction. Low voltage controls (24 V) on the main column.

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