Operating features

  • Electronic system ensuring synchronization of all columns
  • Master column: with all selection and controls.
  • Slave column: with lifting and lowering controls and emergency stop button.
  • Selection of several operating modes:
  • Simultaneous operation of all columns.
  • Simultaneous operation of one or more pairs of columns.
  • Single operation of each column.
  • Electronic device selects automatically the correct main supply phase sequence.

Possibility of setting a different height between pairs of columns while retaining the level synchronization.

Modular electrical systems (e.g. passing 4 to 6 to 8 columns, or creating two sets of 4 columns by splitting a set of 8).

SRM 12-SRM22-SRM32







  • Screws are automatically lubricated by felt pads located in the oil reservoir over the lifting nuts, assuring permanent lubrication during movement.
  • A series of runners (10 per carriage), manufactured in Ertalon with low friction coefficient and excellent resistance to wear, guarantee balanced lifting of the vehicle in any position.

 SRM 41 – SRM61 – SRM71

  • Columns in boxed sheet steel with rollers sliding profiles in high resistance steel.
  • Steel rollers for carriage movement fitted on self-lubricating bearings requiring no maintenance.
  • Direct drive to the spindle by means of a self-braking motor-gear unit. Automatic lubrication of spindle and nuts by means of the oil pump.





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How it works?

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