Lifts-SR5 BASELESS-SR5-337-SR5-349-SR5-245



SR5.337W / 3200 kg

Three – stage short arms for asymmetric lifting of large vehicles – min. pad height 95 mm. The electromechanical synchronization keeps the carriages within an alignment of 20 mm.

SR5.337WR / 3200 kg

Extra low profile arms, parallel to the floor – double thread pads with a min. height of 80 mm only – recommended for sports cars and very low profile vehicles.

SR5.337WK / 3200 kg

Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions.

SR5.349WE / 4000 KG

Three-stage short arms and two-stage long arms provide asymmetric lifting of vans and off-road vehicles-width between posts 2650 mm.

SR5.245WEK / 4000 KG

As 349WE but with electronic synchronization.Cables can be ceiling installed or recessed in the floor. Arms suitable for quick drop-in extensions.


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